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CPD BLOG is a part of the Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry (CPD) platform. CPD BLOG shares posts including comments, insights or interviews of highly eminent names in pediatric dental community and concominant disciplines.

CPD BLOG aims to serve as a place of highligting and sharing important perspective for pediatric dentists and practitioners who have sincere enthusiasm to help our little pediatric patients.

CPD BLOG is free of charge and is fully open access to all of global audiences in an accessible way.

The CPD BLOG is mainly designed as “Post”. However, CPD platform reserves the right of any other types of digital tools like podcasts, videos and other formats.

Invited academicians, researchers, clinicians and all experts from concominant dental disciplines will have chance to take the CPD BLOG to share their knowledge, experience and ideas on “Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry”.

On behalf of CPD Platform, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the journal of Contemporary Pediatric Dentistrry, Dr. Burak Buldur is the individual person.