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Figure 1

Comparative evaluation of two pediatric rotary file systems in primary teeth: A scanning electron microscope study

OrcidPriya Subramaniam, Orcid Neetu Raveendran , Orcid Madhusudhan K.S


Figure 1 1

Oral health literacy in mothers of children with microcephaly

OrcidTereza Maria Alcântara Neves, Orcid Marcia Regina Soares Cruz, Orcid Giselle Rodrigues de Sant’Anna Neves , Orcid José Carlos Pettorossi Imparato , Orcid Emanuelle Paiva de Vasconcelos Dantas , Orcid Weslany de Oliveira Dantas , Orcid Maria Nauside Pessoa da Silva , Orcid Victor Cavallaro Bottesini , Orcid Danilo Antonio Duarte