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Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry

Welcome! Thank you for considering the Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry (CPD) for your manuscript.

The CPD User Center provides an array of informational resources to help guide you through the manuscript submission, review and publication process. Learn about:

  • Editorial policy
  • Publishing process
  • How to prepare manuscripts for submission
  • What to expect if CPD publishes your manuscript

Why CPD?

Since 2020, CPD has worked with authors to publish the highest quality evidence that advances pediatric dentistry and improves our little patients care.

Open Access and no APC

All content of CPD is freely available without charge to the users or their institution.

CPD has no article submission or article processing charges.

Eminent Editorial Board

In the Editorial Board of CPD, there are 38 leading experts in their fields from more than 20 countries. In this respect, CPD has one of the most prestigious editorial boards in the pediatric dental community.

Quick Review and Turnaround Times

Each submission is assigned to 1 of 12 Associate Editors specializing in a particular subject area. CPD has double-blind review process. The decision on your submission will be made in approx. 4 weeks (excluding reject without review decisions). Acceptance rate is around 30%.

Online Submission

Submission, revision and tracking of all manuscripts and related materials is managed through the CPD online submission system.

High-quality Research and Scope

CPD promotes the highest standard of education, practice and research in pediatric dentistry and provides an interdisciplinary perspective to the multidisciplinary field of pediatric dentistry.

Massive International Readership

Since its establishment, CPD has had about 40.000 visitors from all over the world.

Fast and Rapid Publishing

Your articles appear on Online First before the issue version is published. Articles’ acceptance to Online First publication time is approx. two weeks. After approximately four to ten weeks, online first articles are assigned to the following issue and they have volume, issue and page numbers.

Member of Crossref and Using DOI

CPD is a member of Crossref and each published article is assigned a DOI number like 10.51463/cpd.xxxx.