CPD Talks

CPD TALKS is a part of the Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry (CPD) platform. CPD TALKS is an open access organization to share the information about pediatric dentistry troughout the world.

CPD TALKS aims to serve as a place of learning contemporary pediatric dentistry where we can all share the latest knowledge and learn the contemporary view, techniques and treatment options from highly eminent names.

CPD TALKS is free of charge and is fully open access to all of global audiences in an accessible way.

Acedemicians, researchers, clicians and all experts from concominant dental disciplines will have chance to take CPD TALKS to share their knowledge, experience and ideas on “Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry”.

CPD TALKS is designed as Question & Answer session. It will include 15 questions under the current topic of the host. CPD TALKS duration is 45 minutes (3 min per question).

The moderator of CPD TALKS is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Burak Buldur.

CPD TALKS is mainly an ONLINE organization, meaning that audiences will watch CPD TALKS through online systems. However, CPD platform reserves the right of hybrid events in the progress of the time. 

Here are the easy ways to attend the CPD TALKS;

  • Before  CPD TALKS Session
  1. Subscribe to the journal of Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry (free of Charge)
  2. Folow Social Media of CPD


  • During CPD TALKS Session

     Watch online through visiting;

  1. Youtube Page of CPD
  2. Facebook Page of CPD
  3. Instagram Page of CPD


  • After CPD TALKS Session

     Watch recorded videos online through visiting;

  1. Website of CPD
  2. Youtube Page of CPD