Management of internal root resorption in primary mandibular right first molar: A case report with four-year follow-up

Case Report

Contemp Pediatr Dent 2021:2(1):57-63

Management of internal root resorption in primary mandibular right first molar: A case report with four-year follow-up

OrcidPrasad K Musale1 ✉, OrcidSneha S Kothare2, OrcidAbhinav l Talekar3


1. Chief paediatric dentist, Little One’s Big Smiles, Laser and Microscopic Integrated Paediatric Dentistry, Pune, Maharashtra, India ( Correspondence:

2. Private practitioner, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

3. Reader, Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, M.A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences and Research Centre, Pune, Maharashtra, India


The etiology and pathogenesis of internal inflammatory root resorption are partly understood and thus an attempt is made at the same.

The importance of chemical debridement was emphasized.

An alternative to conventional methods of management of inflammatory internal root resorption was shown and suggested.


Internal inflammatory root resorption in primary teeth is a well-known entity with unknown prevalence. The diagnosis and conservative treatment of such a lesion has perplexed practitioners for decades. The management of a non-perforating internal root resorption is long been debated by general dentists and paediatric dentists alike. This case presentation describes the case of a 4-year old boy with non-perforating internal root resorption in a primary molar treated successfully with endodontic procedure and monitored routinely for four years. The objective here was to suggest a minimally-invasive treatment alternative to conventional treatment practices.

Keywords: Primary Teeth; Pulpectomy; Root Resorption

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