Morphological variations of mandibular sigmoid notch in children aged 4-14 years

 Rahul Hegde1image✉, Anand Shigli2image, Pritesh Gawali3image


This study will help pediatric dentists to identify different variations in the morphology of mandibular sigmoid notch.

The information about morphological variations of the mandibular sigmoid notch obtained would allow a maxillofacial surgeon to treat chronic mandibular dislocations properly.

The information regarding different shapes of sigmoid notch is useful in forensic sciences based on the influence of transition from primary to permanent dentition.


Aim: The sigmoid notch additionally known as the mandibular notch is a deep notch setting apart the coronoid process and the condyle. Different morphological variations of sigmoid notch (wide, round and sloping) have been documented in literature as indispensable aids in anthropological and forensic research. The study aimed to assess the morphological appearance of sigmoid notch during primary dentition, mixed dentition and permanent dentition. Methods: 400 panoramic images of 194 boys and 296 girls were collected and divided into three groups bases on the stage of dentition. Shape of the sigmoid notch was determined by tracing the print out of the panoramic image on an x-ray viewer. Results: It was observed that during primary and mixed dentition stage shape of the sigmoid notch was wide and as growth and development occured during permanent dentition stage the sigmoid notch shape changed to round. Conclusions: This study describes the normal morphology of mandibular sigmoid notch in children during primary, mixed and permanent dentition and also states that growth of craniofacial region has a significant role in determining sigmoid notch morphology.

Keywords: Mandible; Panoramic Radiography; Sigmoid Notch

Author Affiliations

  1. Director and Professor, D Y Patil Dental School, Pune, India
  2. Professor and Dean, D Y Patil Dental School, Pune, India
  3. Associate Professor, D Y Patil Dental School, Pune, India
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Contemp Pediatr Dent 2022:3(3):125-133

Received: 21 October 2022

Accepted: 07 December 2022

Online First: 29 December 2022


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					Rahul Hegde, Anand Shigli, Pritesh Gawali. Morphological variations of mandibular sigmoid notch in children aged 4-14 years. Contemp Pediatr Dent 2022:3(3):125-133.

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