Nanosilver fluoride as a caries arresting agent: A narrative review

Mohammed Zameer1Orcid, Sameen Badiujjama Birajdar2Orcid, Syed Nahid Basheer3Orcid, Syed Wali Peeran4Orcid, Syed Ali Peeran5Orcid, Arun Reddy6Orcid


The current paper foregrounds the effectiveness of a non-invasive treatment approach for dental caries using caries arresting agents.
The newer nanotechnology-based caries arresting agent presents effective antibacterial properties against cariogenic bacteria and modulation of the demineralization-remineralization balance for teeth.
The silver nanoparticle-based preparations present to overcome the limitations of using silver ion-based solutions for caries arrest.


Dental caries is the most prevalent oral disease that continues to affect almost every country in the world. The contemporary management of dental caries focuses on non-restorative, non-invasive, and micro-invasive treatment approaches that arrest or reverse the caries process at a lesion level and reduce the loss of sound tooth structure. One of these approaches is the employment of caries arresting agents that possess antibacterial and remineralizing properties. Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) has drawn significant attention as an efficient caries arresting agent in children and adults. The major limitation with the use of SDF is the dark black staining of the carious tissue that compromises the esthetics. Silver ions are known for their antimicrobial effects, and silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) have the added advantage that it increases the surface area for exposure to the microbes. Literature reports that AgNPs have antimicrobial potential against predominant cariogenic flora. It has led to the development of nanosilver fluoride (NSF), a new colloid based on AgNPs, chitosan, and fluoride. It has shown to overcome the clinical limitations of SDF as it does not cause carious lesion staining. However, the current scientific literature lacks a comprehensive review of the benefits of using NSF for caries prevention and arrest. Thus, the purpose of this paper was to review the studies and clinical trials on NSF as a caries arresting agent, including antibacterial actions and modulation of the demineralization-remineralization balance.

Keywords: Dental Caries; Fluoride; Tooth Demineralization

Author Affiliations

  1. M.D.S (Pediatric Dentistry), Registrar Pedodontist, Armed Forces Hospital, Jazan, KSA (✉ Correspondence:
  2. General Dentist, Sanjeevani Dental Clinic, Raichur, India
  3. S Assistant Professor, Department of Restorative Dental Sciences, Jazan University, Jazan, KSA
  4. Senior Registrar periodontist, Armed Forces Hospital, Jazan, KSA
  5. Registrar Prosthodontist, Armed Forces Hospital, Jazan, KSA
  6. Associate Professor, Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Orthodontics, Navodaya Dental College, Raichur, India
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