Publishing Policy

Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry (Contemp Pediatr Dent) is an international, scientific, open access, online-only publication. The journal is published in three times in every year (April, August, and December), and its publication language is English. Articles published in this journal are evaluated in a double-blind review process. The journal does not have article processing charges or article submission charges.

Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, the manuscript will be forwarded to the Production Editor, who is responsible for the production of the Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry. Production tracking is performed by the Production Editor of Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry. Production Editor contacts the corresponding author via email. For any concerns; authors should contact to the Production Editor (

When proofs are ready, the corresponding author will receive an email, where they will find a PDF of page proofs and proofreading instructions. Authors should carefully check the galley proof. Authors should respond the email within 48 hours with annotated proof corrections. Authors should require Acrobat Reader read and make corrections on galley proof this file. Authors are strongly advised to check the proof very carefully and correct typesetting errors. Excessive changes made by the author in the proofs, excluding typesetting errors, will be evaluated by Production Editor. Authors should note that the corresponding author is responsible for all statements made in the work.

Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry aims to publish accepted articles as soon as possible as online first. The manuscript PDFs published is the last-reviewed, accepted versions, and have been formatted, copy edited, and approved by the corresponding author. The online first version of an article will be freely accessible to all readers until the time of its publication in an issue of the journal. The early online articles appear as PDFs approximately four to ten weeks before publication in an issue of Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry. The Online First articles will have valid DOI numbers but will not have volume, issue and page numbers. The official publication date will be the date of the article’s first online posting. Online first articles are assigned DOIs, and they are in final form, it is not allowed to make further changes on online first published version.

After approximately four to ten weeks, online first articles are assigned to the following issue and they have volume, issue and page numbers.

Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry follows the retraction guidelines and related guidelines of COPE regarding identification, evaluation and publishing process of corrections and retraction.

Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry does not have any article processing charges, article submission charges or article publishing charges.