Silver diamine fluoride as a minimally invasive and aerosol free approach in pediatric dentistry: An extensive case series

Abhishek Soni1Orcid, Sanchit Paul2Orcid, Priyanka Sachdeva3Orcid


This study reports usage of SDF as extensive case series in various form of SMART, in proximal deep caries as indirect pulp therapy medicament, sealants and in MIH in various clinical situations in pediatric dentistry.
With correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment planning, SDF can be an indispensable tool for both minimally invasive pediatric dentistry (MIPD) and aerosol free dentistry (AFD) especially in pandemic times.
SDF parental handout form, clinical protocol along with decision making tree and usage of teflon tape could be immensely helpful for practitioners for administering SDF in both primary and permanent dentition routinely.


The current pandemic of COVID-19 warrants a repeal from conventional dentistry to an aerosol free, minimally invasive yet maximally effective clinical approach. Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is an established modality for caries arrest in children fulfilling all the above. This extensive 25 case series highlights various clinical situations in which SDF was successfully used in children between 1-12 years of age with asymptomatic carious lesions of ICDAS score 2 or more in primary and permanent teeth. Primary outcome measure was caries arrest in the form of the hard and shiny lesion with no/minimal sensitivity. The secondary outcome measure was the zombie effect which was the residual staining on other tooth surfaces and indications of substantivity. SDF can be effectively and efficaciously used across different behaviour patterns and age groups of children in a various clinical scenario for both primary and permanent teeth routinely experienced in a paediatric dental office especially during these pandemic times with minimal aerosol generation.

Keywords: Case Reports; COVID-19; Dental Caries; Dental Enamel Hypoplasia; Fluorides; Silver Diamine Fluoride

Author Affiliations

  1. Chief Pediatric Dentist, Vanilla Smiles, Soni Capital 1237 Apte Rd.,Shivajinagar Pune, Maharashtra, India
  2. Chief Pediatric Dentist, Tooth Tales, House No. D-2, Sec-P-3,Greater Noida, U.P., India (✉ Correspondence:
  3. Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry, School of Dental Sciences, Sharda University, Knowledge Park 3,Greater Noida, U.P., India
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Contemp Pediatr Dent 2021:2(2):113-125

Received: 27 April 2021

Accepted: 07 June 2021

Online First: 21 June 2021


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